Different types of video baby monitors

Different types of video baby monitors

With the positioning of such reputable brands the range of video baby monitors available on the market offers a very wide choice. This remote monitoring device comes in different types baby journey blog. The built-in features vary a lot from model to model.

The video baby monitor in its classic form consists of two units: one to be installed in the baby’s room and the other to be on you at all times. For this type of baby camera, the parental module acts as a monitor and allows you to watch, but also to hear baby. The connection between these two entities is exclusive, and relies on an encryption system during data transmission. The range is in this case an element to take into consideration when purchasing. A minimum of 100 meters in an open field is recommended, but the range can be up to 1000 meters.

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Other baby monitors, on the other hand, are content with a single unit, which records images and sounds, which it sends back to a PC, smartphone or touch pad. For these terminals to be able to act as monitors, internet access is required and the child module has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

When purchasing your video baby monitor, certain features make the difference. The walkie-talkie function is one of them. Baby camera equipped with it allow you to communicate with baby, to comfort him for example when he is crying. In addition, if you want to be able to ensure that your baby is in the best condition, you can opt for a video baby monitor with temperature or humidity detection

The other parameter that differentiates video baby monitors is the power supply. While the vast majority of Baby camera work with a rechargeable battery, it is also possible to find models on the market powered by batteries, or from an electrical outlet.

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How to choose the best baby monitor?

As the Baby camera offer is particularly rich, finding the ideal model is not always easy. However, by carefully assessing your needs, baby’s habits and budget – prices range from less than $ 50 to over $ 150 – you will simplify your task.

First, choose between a classic two-unit baby monitor or one composed only of a child module, to be used with your smartphone or tablet. When this choice is made, focus on image and sound quality, as the effectiveness of surveillance depends on it. Day and night, the Baby camera must be able to transmit a clear and perfectly readable rendering. The presence of a night vision mode and a high sensitivity microphone is essential for this.

Subsequently, push your curiosity further by finding out about the level of frequency of waves emitted by the baby monitor. In this context, it will be a question of opting for a model which, while retransmitting quality images and sounds, operates at a low wave frequency. This is about preserving baby’s health, especially his brain, which at an early age is still developing.

When you have checked all these prerequisites, you can then check the functions built into the device, avoiding unnecessary functions. Walkie-talkie, trigger modes, lullabies, temperature and humidity monitoring, these are all elements that should motivate your choice.