Where to invest bitcoins

Where to invest bitcoins
In every country in the world there is a currency that has a unique solvency and authenticity in terms
of the foundations of the economy and finance. Each currency has its own value, convertibility, issue
size and other factors web app development. Not so long ago (in 2009) for the first time the world started talking about the
so-called cryptocurrency – a currency that has a number of unique and not typical of ordinary
currency characteristics. The currency is called Bitcoin.

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Where you can invest bitcoins
From the point of view of the expediency of using any means, the best way to earn a steady income
is to obtain passive income – dividends and interest on investments. In this case, bitcoin is no
different from the usual currency – it can also be invested in various projects, used to generate
passive income. And in this case, the question arises as to where to invest bitcoins at interest.
Consider the most acceptable options for cryptocurrency owners.

Funds and exchanges
The trend of the last few years is the investment of bitcoins in various funds and exchanges. Note
that before investing their own funds in various hypes, funds and exchanges, you must remember
that a significant part of all kinds of projects using cryptocurrencies is fraud. That is why it is
necessary to use only proven sites, which, although they do not give any actual guarantees to
depositors, they certainly do not differ in the large number of undesirable reviews regarding the
facts of fraud.

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Note a few projects where you can profitably invest bitcoins at interest:
Cointellect. The essence is as follows: the user invests his own funds in cloud mining (in other words,
invests bitcoins in production computing power), due to which he receives interest on his own
deposits. On average, you can get from 5 to 15% per month from your own investment in various
cloud mining. In particular, the advantage of the Cointellect service is that you can mine both on
your own equipment and receive payments through a purchased contract for third-party capacity.
CEX.io. This service is one of the world's largest mining pools, which presents several functions – an
exchange for cryptocurrency, cloud mining and trading capacity. Thus, in addition to direct earnings
from investing in cloud mining, you can buy third-party capacity, which is also resold there. Thus, the
investor can potentially make a profit from the resale of capacity, and from interest in mining.
EOBOT. This service offers potential investors computing power (any, regardless of the type of
language used to write the code). On average, the invested funds will pay off in 10-11 months. One
of the distinguishing features of EOBOT is the ability to operate with different cryptocurrencies – you
can convert currencies in just one click. In addition, depositors do not have to have their own mining
equipment – it is enough to invest in existing service volume.
MyDailyCoin. Additional service that use to allow you to lucratively invest cryptocurrency. It was
created in early 2014 by a team of Forex traders, as this currency was reasonably assessed as
potentially profitable and promising in terms of its further development. The service offers to
receive up to 3% of daily income from one deposit, and financial risks, according to the service team,
are within 1% of the investment. In essence, this project is no different from bank deposits, but
there is the possibility of unimpeded withdrawal of money at any time.